:keyboard: Wordlists, Dictionaries and Other Data Sets for Writing Software Security Test Cases

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      Folder  Name       Description of Contents
3char-file-extensions all three character file extensions
admin-paths-robots paths from wild robots.txt that contain substring “admin”
admin-word-strings words that contain the substring “admin”
apache-struts-basenames.txt file names parsed from paths included in Apache Struts release packages
bo0om-fuzz-extensions file extensions list from GitHub repo fuzz.txt
cms-backup-files file names typically used by Content Management Systems
cmsfuzz-misc-files file names commonly found on Content Management Systems taken from the others/misc.txt file distributed with CMSFuzz
githubrepos-mostused-filenames most used filenames in GitHub repositories
java-source-files files likely to appear in a Java development environment
javaee-github-filenames file names extracted from repositories on the javaee GitHub account
misc-common-names miscellaneous file names commonly used for web apps
mobile-app-files files found in the web root folder of a mobile application
pencilblue-file-names file names found in the pencilblue code repository
php3-all-names list of all PHP file names in this folder with a .php3 extension
php-all-names a unique sorted list of the contents from all other php-data lists
php-common-names list of common file names with a PHP extension
php-misc-names miscellaneous file names ending with a PHP extension
php-path-names relative path names to PHP files (may contain forward slashes)
php-various-names list of various file names with a PHP extension
phpx-all-names all other php-data lists regardless of PHP version
private-file-names short list of file names that may contain sensitive data
rails-dot-files hidden files utilized by Ruby on Rails
richfaces-file-names files for RichFaces
ruby-rails-files files found in the web root directory of Ruby on Rails apps
s3bucket-scanner-wordlist wordlist.txt from s3-bucket-scanner
various-common-names list of common filenames in general (without any restriction)
various-webroot-names list of file names commonly found in a web root directory