:keyboard: Wordlists, Dictionaries and Other Data Sets for Writing Software Security Test Cases

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      Folder  Name       Description of Contents
bash-builtin-funcs BASH builtin functions as revealed by the enable builtin
common-unixbin-paths paths to common UNIX binary executables
errno-all-locales the errno names and descriptions for all system locales
errno-description-list errors in preprocessor constant, numeric and string form
fish-builtin-names the names of builtin keywords in the fish shell
free-bsd-groups common GID names found in /etc/group on FreeBSD
freebsd-sysctl-vars FreeBSD sysctl(8) variables with types and changeability
free-bsd-users common UID names found in /etc/passwd on FreeBSD
home-history-paths path names of various hidden history files relative to $HOME
leap-seconds-list list of leap seconds for computing international atomic time
linux-error-strings strings returned by C99 function strerror on Linux
locale-charmap-list a list of all charmaps available with system locale info
locale-info-list a list of all system locale identifier symbols
locale-unicode-list a list of locales parsed from Unicode.org icu-config.xml
netbsd-error-strings strings returned by C99 function strerror on NetBSD
netbsd-procfs-paths names of files located under the /proc directory on NetBSD
netbsd-setid-files set-ID file names only (i.e. basename) from NetBSD
netbsd-setid-paths the fully qualified pathnames to set-ID files on NetBSD
netbsd-sgid-games paths to executables that have the set-GID bit set on NetBSD
netbsd-sysctl-list symbols taken from NetBSD sysctl entries
nmap-user-names taken from NMap nselib/data/usernames.lst
rapid7-data-users user names parsed from Rapid7’s archival summary data for annual National Exposure studies
real-users-list list of user names taken from a real/live UNIX system
simple-users-list list of simple user names taken from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/1N3/BruteX/master/wordlists/simple-users.txt
splunk-bad-directories directory names left out of default splunkd config
splunk-bad-filetypes file types left out of default splunkd config
splunk-bad-fnmatches fnmatch(3) style wildcard patterns left out of default splunkd config
syslog-facility-values syslog system call facility values taken from RFC3164
tmux-command-list list of tmux (terminal multiplexer) commands
unix-admin-users UNIX administrative user names
unix-filesystem-list list of acronyms representing UNIX filesystem types
unix-flavor-names UNIX flavors list from the Unix History page at Éric Lévénez’s site
unix-general-tips Some of these might differ depdnding on GNU/BSD option syntax and so on http://dylanleigh.net/notes/unix-tips/index.rst
unix-security-tips This is written mainly for Unix gurus who are not necessarily Unix security experts http://dylanleigh.net/notes/unix-security/index.rst
unix-shell-tricks Useful command-line tricks for UNIX shell accounts
unix-stackexchange-tags tags used to organize question posts on https://unix.stackexchange.com/tags
unix-user-names a long list of UNIX user name possibilities
vms-unix-commands translation of VMS commands to UNIX equivalents
vt100-codes-chart VT100 and VT52 Compatable Modes ESCape Codes Chart
xterm-control-sequences XTerm control sequences whitepaper as a text file
zsh-builtin-funcs Z shell builtin functions as revealed by the enable builtin