:keyboard: Wordlists, Dictionaries and Other Data Sets for Writing Software Security Test Cases

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    Folder  Name     Description of Contents
10k-usernames-list a list of 10,000 unique user names sorted alphanumerically
fabian-honeypot-users over 160K of users collected from decentralized honeypots via https://pw.fabian-fingerle.de/user.txt
github-user-names User names associated with GitHub accounts
hopper-cambridge-names Given names extracted from Cambridge XML file in hopper-texts tarball
osint-sources-list OSINT sources
population-1960-2016 world population counts for world regions during the years 1960 through 2016 https://pkgstore.datahub.io/core/population/population_csv/data/ead5be05591360d33ad1a37382f8f8b1/population_csv.csv
proper-names-list Proper noun list with entries that could be used as the first names of human beings
role-based-emails Role-based e-mail addresses, i.e. names of accounts not meant for individual users https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mixmaxhq/role-based-email-addresses/master/index.js
social-media-sites a list of social media web sites copied from Namech_k
usernames-hailmary-botnet list of user names utilized by the Hail Mary Cloud botnet
w3c-groups-list W3C Interest Groups, Working Groups and Past Groups via https://w3.org/Consortium/activities
web-accounts-list JSON config packaged with the WhatsMyName tool containing nearly 200 social network URI’s to check for usernames