:keyboard: Wordlists, Dictionaries and Other Data Sets for Writing Software Security Test Cases

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    Script  Name     Description of Purpose
alex-runs check for insensitive/inconsiderate writing that would violate the contributor covenant code of conduct https://contributor-covenant.org
append-eolspaces append spaces to the end of lines in README.md files to cause markdown to insert a newline
blank-lines insert a blank line after each actual line of the provided file’s contents
checkout-readmes get fresh copies of local README.md files in the event they were accidentally corrupted
default-permissions set default permission bits on all filesystem entries in the repository
extend-hosts append various comnbinations of letters and numbers to DNS hostnames in given file(s)
git-undelete undelete files that were accidentally removed
header-constants extract preprocessor constants from C/C++ style header files (useful for creating test inputs)
index-files compare each folder’s file listing to its local README.md and display missing file names
list-trimmer uniqify list file after trimming whitespace from each line
manpages-environ extract environment variable names from UNIX (i.e. roff) style manual pages
optimd-links remove unnecessary prepended www hosts from URL’s and convert http: schemes to https:
sort-headers sort line-based protocol (i.e. “ARPA”) message headers such as those in HTTP and SMTP
unique-extensions show unique file extensions in dataset directories (for use in global README.md documentation)
xzlarge-files automatically compress files that are larger than a pre-determined size (default is 1MB)