:keyboard: Wordlists, Dictionaries and Other Data Sets for Writing Software Security Test Cases

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    Folder  Name     Description of Contents
common-php-regexes regular expression definitions for matching common strings and character classes in PHP
domxss-sink-regex Pattern that matches DOM XSS “sinks” or JavaScript syntax which updates the current document
domxss-source-regex Pattern that matches DOM XSS “sources”, i.e. JavaScript syntax that may contain user input
html5-email-spec HTML5 spec
javascript-regex-help Javascript regular expression help
non-split-patterns Java regular expressions for patterns that appear to be (but actually aren’t) sentence splits https://gate.ac.uk/gate/plugins/ANNIE/resources/regex-splitter/non-split-patterns.txt
procmailrc-address-regexes protocol header e-mail address regular expressions from .procmailrc
regex-payload-list regexp known to exhaust all CPU resources on Chrome and NodeJS
regular-expression-guide a cheat sheet for regular expressions
shebang-path-eregexp POSIX Extended Regular Expression to match the interpreter directive in the initial line of a shell script.
sms-shortcode-regexes patterns that match SMS short codes in various countries
sql-error-regexes regular expressions to match SQL RDBMS error strings
test-regular-expressions a list of simple test regular expressions
unix-date-regexp a very long regexp meant to match UNIX date strings
uri-regexp-putty default regular expression configured in PuTTY for matching URI’s
url-capture-regex regular expression to match URL’s in terminal text from iTerm2 settings
urlregexp-loose-url Regular expression to match URL’s in a body of plain text https://raw.githubusercontent.com/webmodules/urlregexp/master/loose-url.regexp