:keyboard: Wordlists, Dictionaries and Other Data Sets for Writing Software Security Test Cases

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      Folder  Name       Description of Contents
adobe-expmgr-names Adobe Experience Manager environment variables of quickstart
apache-environ-names non-suEXEC environment variables specific to Apache httpd
apache-mesos-envinfos info on environment variables associated w/ Apache Mesos
apache-ssl-environ environment variables used by Apache’s mod_ssl module
apache-suexec-names environment variables strings’d from Apache suEXEC binary
aws-environ-names AWS environment variables via https://github.com/aws/aws-cli
bashenv-declared-environ variables discovered in bash by running declare -p
basic-cgi-environ Standard or common CGI environment variable names
binutils-ld-names GNU binutils linker environment variables
byobu-environ-names variables defined by the text-based window manager wrapper
buildkite-environ-assign environment variable assignments used by a Buildkite instance https://buildkite.com/rails/rails/builds/59034#d593f546-8c9a-45f8-8701-a2b92fbea9a7
common-gateway-names environment variables used for dynamic web scripting
configure-help-environs environment variables parsed from ./configure --help
curl-environ-names variables set to define proxies for the curl(1) tool
dash-environ-names environment variables set by default on Debian dash shell
debian-shell-names common names of environment variables in Debian BASH shell
dialog-command-envinfos description of environment variables from dialog(1)
environ-setenv-names environment variables displayed by env at shell prompt
etc-default-variables variable names parsed from scripts in /etc/default
etc-init-environ environment variables parsed from scripts in /etc/init
flask-environ-names environment variables for the Flask Python web framework
glibc-source-environ environment variables grep’ed from glibc’s source code
gnumake-implicit-arguments GNU Make environment variables for command-line arguments
gnumake-implicit-commands gmake environment variables for commands
hamilton-cshell-envnames environ variable names in Hamilton C shell
hesiod-environ-names a name server interface library’s environment variables
libc-ldso-names C standard library dynamic linker/loader environment names
linux-pids-assign environment variable assignments found in the Linux process table
linux-pids-names environment variable names from the Linux process table
locale-environ-names environment variable names for multi-language support
macos-environ-names MacOS environment variable names not related to dyld or ps
macos-dyld-names MacOS dynamic link editor environment variable names
macos-pids-names environment variable names from the Mac OSX process table
mallopt-environ-names GNU libc memory allocation option environment variables
manpage-environ-names environment variables listed in Linux manual pages
misc-environ-assign environment variable values that don’t fall anywhere else
misc-environ-names miscellaneous environment variable names don’t fit elsewhere
modrewrite-environ-names list of environment variable names used by the Apache httpd mod_rewrite DSO module https://www.askapache.com/htaccess/mod_rewrite-variables-cheatsheet
mosh-environ-names MObile SHell specific environment variable names
msft-environ-names Environment variables documented on the MSDN web site
netbsd-environ-names NetBSD environment variable names
nis-environ-names Environment variables utilized by the Sun Microsystems NIS
node-environ-usage NodeJS environment variable names/descriptions shown at bottom of command-line usage message node --help
openssl-environ-names Environment variable names for use with the OpenSSL library
phabricator-environ-names Environment variable names for the Phabricator IDE
powershell-variable-names Result of executing Set-Location Variable:; Get-ChildItem 1 LICENSE.txt NOTICE.txt README.md TODO.md _config.yml ansi-art arpa-headers ascii-art bin biology-info browser-data cert-data char-encodes chat-data cipher-data cmd-usage cms-errors code-keywords cpu-arch crypt-output database-strs dns-domains dns-hostnames dns-records dns-servers dns-toplevel environ-vars exploit-info file-extens file-specs ftp-data glibc-data html-words http-agents http-headers http-methods http-params http-security http-servers http-status inet-addrs inet-routes inet-services infosec-people iso-codes java-data linux-data linux-paths logo.png malware-iocs mobile-devs net-attacks net-ifaces ntfs-paths owasp-data passes-dicts passes-sites perl-data php-data postal-data python-data radio-data regex-data ruby-data scripts search-dorks smtp-messages soap-messages social-data software-strs string-enums system-admin system-notices telco-data text-files text-words tools top-secret unicode-data unix-data unix-paths uri-attacks uri-data uri-schemes vuln-data web-sites webapp-attacks webapp-data webapp-dirs webapp-files webapp-paths webapp-words wifi-networks windows-data | %{Write-Host $_.Name} in powershell.exe
posix-environ-names POSIX Environment Variables from Open Group
qubeproxy-environ-assign qubeproxy user environment variable assignments
resolv-environ-names DNS resolver library configuration environment variables
skygear-server-names Skygear Backend-as-a-Service environ names of .env.example
systemd-environ-names system and service manager environment variable names
travis-environ-names environment variables found in .travis.yml files
ubuntu-environ-names extracted from Environment Variables article in Ubuntu Community Help Wiki
unstd-cgi-environ Less typical CGI (Common Gateway Interface) variable names
win10-set-assign list of environment variables displayed by MS-DOS command SET
zsh-environ-assign assigned environment variables in the Z shell under Debian
zsh-environ-names environment variables set by default in Debian Z shell