:keyboard: Wordlists, Dictionaries and Other Data Sets for Writing Software Security Test Cases

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      Folder  Name       Description of Contents
arpa-domains-list list of sub-domains under the .arpa top-level domain
carna-botnet-tlds TLD’s discovered with reverse DNS lookups by the Carna botnet https://internetcensus2012.github.io/InternetCensus2012/tld_overview.html
cctld-char-pairs a list of ccTLD’s, ie. country code top-level domains
misc-tlds-list miscellaneous top-level domain names list
ntld-launch-dates New gTLD launches in chronological order via new gTLDs launches
public-suffix-list Public Suffix List of test eTLD’s (effective Top Level Domains)
proposed-potential-tlds Porposed and/or Potential TLD’s according to ICANN research https://forum.icann.org/lists/comments-name-collision-05aug13/pdfDcnCOSTS3Y.pdf
top-level-names New gTLD list taken from nTLDStats
top20tlds-host-count Top 20 top-level domains by host count according to results from the 2012 Internet census performed by Carna botnet
toplevel-domain-list an alphabetically sorted list of top-level domains from ICANN
root-zone-names list of fully qualified zones from root servers’ cached records