:keyboard: Wordlists, Dictionaries and Other Data Sets for Writing Software Security Test Cases

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      Folder  Name       Description of Contents
alexa-site-nameservers the nameservers of Alexa sites advertised by NS records
as112-arpa-zones AS112 Project zones according to RFC7534
black-hole-servers Blackhole DNS Servers that return “nonexistent address” answers to reverse DNS lookups for private-use addresses
bsdports-dns-tools https://github.com/freenas/iocage-ports/tree/master/dns
dnsrd-syslog-codes DNS Resources Directory (DNSRD)
dns-root-servers root zone’s nameserver record data for various resource types
dnsbrute-resolvers-list list of public-facing nameservers via dnsbrute tool
local-dns-zones RFC6303
pubdns-porn-tests results for lookups of porn sites on public DNS resolvers https://pastebin.com/raw/ztA7HQVE
root-servers-list list of the root domain nameservers from https://iana.org/domains/root/servers
xdns-asn-netdesc number of nameservers, autonomous system number, description