:keyboard: Wordlists, Dictionaries and Other Data Sets for Writing Software Security Test Cases

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      File  Name       Description of Contents
bind9-rec-types BIND9 record types according to named-rrchecker -T
bind-chaos-txt defined by default CHAOS TXT records in ISC BIND name daemon
chaos-txt-rdata all well-known CHAOS TXT records including non-BIND names
chaos-txt-extra records from chaos-txt-rdata along with some additional names and extensions for scanning/enumeration purposes
dig-numeric-types set arbitrary dig types with a string representing 16 bits
dig-record-types record types for the IN (INternet) resource record class
dnsmasq-chaos-txt CHAOS TXT records specific to the dnsmasq software
example-in-db example IN class zone database from BIND source tree under bin/tests/system
examplecom-in-soa zone file with IN SOA record for example.com.
iana-record-types record type strings as specified by IANA
in-srv-protocols protocol names defined by IN SRV resource records
in-srv-services service names defined by IN SRV resource records from NMap source tree data of NSE script dns-srv-enum https://github.com/nmap/nmap/blob/master/nselib/data/dns-srv-names
mta-tls-records IN TXT records related to MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) encryption
nsupdate-record-types record types used in nsupdate protocol messages
record-classes-long all record class strings as specified by IANA
record-types-in record types specific to the IN class
record-types-long all record type strings specified by IANA regardless of class
root-zone-records resource records of varying types for top-level domains in the DNS root zone
suspect-networks-zone DNS RPZ for data from http://suspect-networks.io
torproject-org-db torproject.org DNS zone database via https://gitweb.torproject.org/admin/dns/domains.git/plain/torproject.org?id=4b2bb1d72ddbfa9c09473fec18c1a2372ead908a
header-flag-codes DNS query header flag field as defined by RFC1035 section 4.1.1