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DNS Domains

      File  Name       Description of Contents
1k-domain-affixes 1,000 DNS prefixes and suffixes parsed from https://gist.githubusercontent.com/marcanuy/06cb00bc36033cd12875/raw/ef0f614af9d14b0ee1d039a32e29fc2641efe366/gistfile1.txt
2letter-2digit-dotcom possibly unregistered two-letter, two-digit .com domain names
adstxt-alexa-domains Domains with ads.txt collected from Alexa
azure-domain-names list of domain names from a reverse lookup on
bitly-vanity-domains bitly vanity domains taken from a ruleset distributed with the EFF HTTPS Everywhere browser extension https://github.com/EFForg/https-everywhere/blob/master/src/chrome/content/rules/Bitly_branded_short_domains.xml
cctld-char-pairs a list of ccTLD’s, i.e. country code top-level domains)
co-domain-records Resource records for the .co TLD zone’s DNSSEC signatures
collectmaldata-malicious-domains a list of malicious domains created by the CollectMalData tool https://github.com/jamieres/CollectMalData
com-domain-names list of various commercial domain names in the com TLD
comdotbr-domain-names list of various commercial domain names in the .br ccTLD
disposable-email-domains Disposable email address domains list
dns-porn-filters Text table describing DNS-based filtering of pornographic material
domain-prices-top1k Top one thousand most expensive domain names
dshield-suspicious-domains low and medium level sensitivity suspicious domains from dshield.org
edu-domain-names various educational DNS domain names
eu-domain-names DNSSEC recource records within the .eu ccTLD
face-book-doms hostnames for FaceBook’s bug bounty program
fbi-blackshades-domains https://info.publicintelligence.net/FBI-BlackshadesDomains.txt
fr-domain-names DNSSEC resource records within the .fr ccTLD
free-web-hosts list of free web hosting services from https://mirror1.malwaredomains.com/files/freewebhosts.txt
georgia-blacklists-malware parsed from http://blacklists.cert.gov.ge/malwaredomains.txt
goscanssh-domain-blacklist The GoScanSSH tool will skip testing an IP address if the reverse lookup points to a parent domain in this list https://blog.talosintelligence.com/2018/03/goscanssh-analysis.html
gov-domain-names DNSSEC resource records within the .gov TLD
gov-domain-names various governmental domain names
immortal-malware-domains This is a list of long-lived, “immortal”, malware domains via http://mirror2.malwaredomains.com/files/immortal_domains.txt
ldns-walk-pgbs0dh DNSSEC resource records for IDNA encoded domain xn–pgbs0dh
maildotcom-domains-list MX records served by the https://www.mail.com web mail site
malware-domains-mirror taken from malwaredomains.com
malware-domains-full taken from malwaredomains.com
malware-hosts-list taken from malwaredomainlist.com
mil-domain-names DNSSEC resource records within the .mil TLD
most-popular-subdomains Most popular subdomains with counts and comments
net-domain-names various domain names within the .net top-level domain
ntld-launch-dates New gTLD launches in chronological order via https://ntldstats.com/launch?start=
org-domain-names DNSSEC resource records within the .org TLD
paypal-domains-added list of various PayPal related domains (most likely to be malicious)
pgbs0dh-domain-records a list of DNSSEC resource records in the pgbs0dh TLD
popular-subdomains-list List of most popular subdomains on the Internet
public-suffix-list Public Suffix List in JSON format
special-use-domains DNS domain names categorized as “Special-Use” by IANA
special-use-extra All domains from special-use-domains and additional names that might be considered “special”, but in a non-standard way
tlds-alpha-dom an alphabetically sorted list of top-level domains from ICANN
top-level-names New gTLD list taken from ntldstats.com
tor2web-domain-names Domain names that are clearnet proxies for TOR .. searched for: site:*.onion.*
uk-domain-names DNSSEC resource records within the .uk ccTLD
upenn-domain-records resource records for upenn.edu domain and its subdomains
ustld-dnssec-records list of DNSSEC records for domains in the .us ccTLD
wooyun-chinese-domains list of chinese domains distributed with POC-T
zeus-dga-domains domains used by Zeus malware that were created by a DGA