:keyboard: Wordlists, Dictionaries and Other Data Sets for Writing Software Security Test Cases

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      Folder  Name       Description of Contents
cmu-language-list LangList.txt file included in the datasets-CMU-Wilderness repository http://www.festvox.org/cmu_wilderness
ctcp-command-names Client-to-client protocol command name strings
freenode-channel-list Output of a console IRC client’s /LIST command on the FreeNode network
freenode-channel-sizes channels from freenode IRC sorted by joined client count
inspircd-anope-commands commands accepted by anope IRC services daemon via InspIRCd https://wiki.inspircd.org/Commands
inspircd-helpop-cmds commands returned by HELPOP in InspIRCd servers
inspircd-numerics-replies list of formats for InspIRCd servers’ numeric code replies http://decal.sdf.org/spotfedsonline/inspircd-numerics.txt
rfc1459-numeric-replies This file is a transcription of RFC1459, Section 6 into YAML via https://gist.githubusercontent.com/proxypoke/2264878/raw/4a7f9a003f10b3aaa6e58ee92077fb0116874207/numreplies.yaml
top-irc-servers.txt Top IRC servers