:keyboard: Wordlists, Dictionaries and Other Data Sets for Writing Software Security Test Cases

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|      Folder  Name      | Description of Contents |:——————–|——————————————————————————————————————————————————– | control-chars-table | control characters table extracted from IETF RFC20 | currency-signs-list | list of symbols used to represent various currencies | graphic-chars-table | graphic characters table extracted from IETF RFC20 | iconv-charset-names | character encodings shown by --list option of iconv(1) | lsar-encodings-list | a list of encodings supported by the lsar(1) -e option | pictograms-name-character | a comma-separated value list of pictogram names and characters | utf8-demo-samples | sample UTF-8 encodings that must elicit positive test cases | utf8-edge-cases | malformed UTF-8 text including edge cases to test decoders | utf8-greek-revelation | New Testament book of “Revelation” in Greek language | whatwg-encoding-labels | WHATWG encoding labels and names as a list of CSV’s